Jutze 52 #19 – 1988

This happens when I’m in the mood of writing a punk song about heavy metal. I tried several angles until I found that focusing on one year and leaving out band names actually works, sort of. The lyrics are not a comprehensive list of 1988 in metal (which was a good one if you ask me), but it covers my favourite albums along with a bunch of stuff that’s at least okay.

#19 1988

There was “No Place for Disgrace” and “Blessed Is the Black”
And the “Perfect Man” really didn’t sound too bad
The Keeper of the Seven Keys” got a second part
And “Battalions of Fear” was a promising start
In 1988
In 1988

No Exit” was ambiguous, but “Leprosy” was cool
With a heart of steel the “Kings of Metal” did rule
There was “The Morning After” in Germany
And a comeback in the States entitled “Thundersteel
In 1988
In 1988

Operation: Mindcrime” was deservedly a hit
“Irae Melanox” remained an insider tip
The keyboards of a “7th Son” reminded me of cheese
Port Royal” was a masterpiece
In 1988
In 1988

(words and music by Johannes Schult 2015 Creative Commons by-nc 4.0)