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LotR again, From Thy Ashes R.I.P.

I watched The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring two times last Sunday and it was awesome. I can’t wait to see it again!

From Thy Ashes have disbanded after a good farewell-concert last Saturday in Schorndorf. We played most of the Amberland-songs but also a bunch of old tracks. Boris and Jan joined us on stage each for one song and I left the stage with mixed feelings.

Last From Thy Ashes gig announced, Halloween

On Friday, December 22nd, From Thy Ashes will be playing at the Hammerschlag in Schorndorf. Since this might just be my last concert with the band, I suggest all you get there. I spent Halloween at a local pub where a really entertaining Police-Coverband played. They even played “Shape of My Heart”!

Leaving home, From Thy Ashes live in Sulzheim

First of all let me say that I arrived safely here in Constance. I spend the last ten days furnishing my new room, playing a gig with From Thy Ashes in Sulzheim (in the middle of nowhere) and meeting my fellow students on a three day excursion to the Black Forest.

The From Thy Ashes-concert was really funny, although the audience was somewhere in between lethargic and apparently dead. We played lots of new songs from the upcoming Amberland-album and they worked pretty good, even though we left out a complete chorus during “A Million Eyes” due to Daniel’s failing memory. For those who care, here are the songs we played:

  1. Placebo
  2. Harbinger
  3. Amberland
  4. Back in the Womb
  5. Locust Swarm
  6. Synchronicle
  7. Second Sight
  8. The Cocoon People
  9. Dancing Green Lizards
  10. The Mask You Wear
  11. A Million Eyes
  12. Eye-Con

The three days with about 80 aspiring psychologists was fun, too. It was neither boring nor chaotic. There were even some people who liked Roxette and one guy who had heard of From Thy Ashes before. And there was Nils who is the first person I know who upset sheep. You see, some folks were pretty crazy, but hey, we’re studying psychology!

Demoing Amberland

It’s done! The demos of From Thy Ashes’ “Amberland”-album are finally recorded and mixed.

From Thy Ashes on tour (II)

The From Thy Ashes concert in Bamberg was fun, although not too many people showed up due to the DFB cup final. Best thing: I had a drum riser. Coolest thing: Uwe driving home wearing his sunglasses (at 4 am). Weirdest thing: Daniel taking off (all!) his trousers during “Dancing Green Lizards”. Worst thing: what we ate there (I don’t dare to call it food). But we’re alive and things look like we’ll be playing at the Rockfabrik Ludwigsburg once again on Sunday, 10th June.

From Thy Ashes on tour (I)

Tomorrow I’m going to play with From Thy Ashes somewhere in Bamberg. Details will follow as soon as possible, although I’m afraid none of you lazy people out there will come. Our gig in Ludwigsburg last night was great despite its shortness. We had started out set with 10 minutes delay because the other bands couldn’t finish their sound check in time (blame them, it’s all their fault!), and after 4 songs (“Placebo”, “Harbinger”, “Amberland”, “Back In The Womb”) the organizer pulled the plug and we could do nothing but leave the stage to the next band. Still, we got an enthusiastic response from the audience.

WatchTower- und From Thy Ashes-Auftritte

Noch 49 Tage bis zur Watchtower-Reunion in Balingen! Zur Zeit bin ich dabei Demos aufzunehmen. Außerdem seid Ihr natürlich alle zum nächsten From Thy Ashes-Konzert am 14. Juni im Longhorn/LKA in Stuttgart eingeladen. Dort werden wir auch unsere neue Mini-CD “Harbinger” vorstellen.


Meine Soloaktivitäten ruhen derzeit ein wenig, da ich zur Zeit mit From Thy Ashes sehr beschäftigt bin. (Wir werden demnächst ins Studio gehen um eine neue 3-Track-CD aufnehmen.)