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Jutze 52 #35 – Old McBiddy’s Wedding

This is a nod to my dark progressive country roots. And to Old McBiddy, who’s living happily on his farm in Scotland. (O hai, video!)

#35 Old McBiddy’s Wedding

People came from far to see Old McBiddy’s wedding
Gather in the churchyard to celebrate the day
Oh what a joy it’s going to be: Old McBiddy’s wedding
So when he says, I do, the crowd shouts out, hooray!
Now we’re going to celebrate Old McBiddy’s wedding
Hurry boys, do not be late and let the music play

Watch the people as they dance at Old McBiddy’s wedding
Meanwhile Uncle Parker is getting drunk on wine
Come on folks, raise your hands at Old McBiddy’s wedding
Toast to the happy couple and their love divine

(words and music by Johannes Schult)

Jutze 52 #34 – Big in Serbia

This is the first proper song I’ve recorded on my new computer. I still have a couple of digicam tracks which I’ll feature here, eventually. I had to force myself rather hard to create this particular song here. Thankfully, Russ chimed in with the suggestion to write about Tropical Heat’s popularity in Serbia. I pieced a few riffs together and assembled the lyrics on the fly, based on a few key words I had jotted down earlier. The whole thing would deserve a more elaborate song. But I only had a narrow time window this week and I was eager to experiment with the new recording software. I hope, however, that the song fits with the other 52-second songs I’ve done so far. (An epic instrumental MIDI-suite is in the works but that’s a different story – related to hybris.)

┼Żelim da postanem poznata u SrbiJa. Ugoditi pomoc mene. Hvala. Ljubav i palacinke!

#34 Big in Serbia

I don’t expect to become an internet superstar
But I wouldn’t mind a bit more popularity
I wish I was big in Serbia
That people recognized me in the street
I wish I was big in Serbia
Just like Tropical Heat

(words and music by Johannes Schult)

Jutze 52 #33 Regentropfen im Nordwind

This little tune was written and recorded at an unlikely location: the camping ground of this year’s Headbangers Open Air. I had planned to record more tracks back home. But once I had come up with the melody I liked the sparse sound of the glockenspiel. I recorded the song with my digicam inside the car. I had to close the windows because the first band of the day was already on stage, thrashing away. It got quite hot. So for me it’s surprising how the track sounds nothing like the circumstances under which it came into being.

#33 Regentropfen im Nordwind

Jutze 52 #32 – Hank Green Learned a New Chord

This is a song about F-sharp minor (as seen in Hank’s video around 2:25). If you don’t know who Hank Green is, check out his music at DFTBA Records.

“Hank Green Learned a New Chord” is yet another example for songs I hadn’t written without the 52-second constraint (and the need for brief song lyrics associated with it). Once again I had to record everything with my digicam, hence the bad sound. On the bright sight, you can watch me playing/recording the song.

#32 Hank Green Learned a New Chord

It was Wednesday the 21st
Hank played a tune on his guitar
There on the vlogbrothers channel
I almost couldn’t believe what I saw
It was like an epiphany
Though the part was rather short
It was plain for all to see
Hank Green learned a new chord

Until that day I had always thought
That Hank was a Horcrux of punk
A way to keep the lore of the three chord songs
Safe from boy-groups and funk
It was like an epiphany
Though the part was rather short
It was plain for all to see
Hank Green learned a new chord

Is he about to make the transition from wizard rock
To Slytherin Jazz for the Dark Lord?
Hank Green learned a new chord

(words and music by Johannes Schult)

Jutze 52 #31 – Rainy Day

This is the result of my overexposure to Star Wars. In a post-“Return of the Jedi” world I can imagine guided tourist tours over the Endor battlefield. Who needs Gettysburg when you can stroll through the ruins of the shield generator? Speeder bikes available for extra charge. Yet, given the vast green forests on Endor it must be raining rather often.

The lyrical idea and the main melody lay around for a while until I figured I’d use my digicam to capture me recording the individual parts. I completed the lyrics in a hurry, scrapping my otherwise favourite line “Like a rainy day on Endor with no fur to keep you warm”. The audio tracks are actually those from the camera, so please excuse the crappy quality. You can see excerpts from all five tracks in the video.

#31 Rainy Day

Now I’ve finally reached my aim
But it really ain’t the same
Without you by my side
Feels like a rainy day on Endor
Feels like a rainy day on Endor

I can’t enjoy my victory
Because I was too blind to see
Just what you meant to me
Feels like a rainy day on Endor
Feels like a rainy day on Endor

(words and music by Johannes Schult)