Jutze 52 #22 – Mayday in Tokyo

This song was written on March 10th, 2012. Back then, it had high-pitched vocals that sounded quite terrible. In desperate need of a song for the current week I revisited this recording. I redid the vocals after 10 pm. So now I have little time to give you the back story. In short, I’m not a fan of nuclear power plants. I am a big fan of WatchTower.

#22 Mayday in Tokyo

The unleashed power of the atom got out of control in Japan
Meltdown in Tokyo
At the mercy of the wind

A thousand nuclear power plants
Every single one unlikely to fail
A product of probabilities
In Tokyo
Waiting for the fallout

(words and music by Johannes Schult 2015 Creative Commons by-nc 4.0)

Jutze 52 #20 – Metalodic

Schon wieder ein instrumentales Stück. Diesmal gibt es Heavy Metal. Den Titel hat sich sicher schon mal eine andere Band ausgedacht, weshalb ich jetzt gar nicht nachschaue. Die Musik hatte ich bereits vor einem Monat geschrieben, doch erst heute endlich mal aufgenommen.

#20 Metalodic

(music by Johannes Schult 2015 Creative Commons by-nc 4.0)

Jutze 52 #19 – 1988

This happens when I’m in the mood of writing a punk song about heavy metal. I tried several angles until I found that focusing on one year and leaving out band names actually works, sort of. The lyrics are not a comprehensive list of 1988 in metal (which was a good one if you ask me), but it covers my favourite albums along with a bunch of stuff that’s at least okay.

#19 1988

There was “No Place for Disgrace” and “Blessed Is the Black”
And the “Perfect Man” really didn’t sound too bad
The Keeper of the Seven Keys” got a second part
And “Battalions of Fear” was a promising start
In 1988
In 1988

No Exit” was ambiguous, but “Leprosy” was cool
With a heart of steel the “Kings of Metal” did rule
There was “The Morning After” in Germany
And a comeback in the States entitled “Thundersteel
In 1988
In 1988

Operation: Mindcrime” was deservedly a hit
“Irae Melanox” remained an insider tip
The keyboards of a “7th Son” reminded me of cheese
Port Royal” was a masterpiece
In 1988
In 1988

(words and music by Johannes Schult 2015 Creative Commons by-nc 4.0)

The Best Van Canto Songs According to Facebook

Yesterday, Van Canto asked their followers on Facebook to name their top 5 songs (incl. at least one cover and at least one original song). I aggregated the first 337 responses (excluding those that contain less than two songs). Here is the overall hit list (along with the number of votes):

Graph with Van Canto Song Statistics

You can find some more results below.

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