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Worst JoCo Cover Competition

Joel Johnson twittered: “Have an extra copy of @jonathancoulton‘s “Best. Concert. Ever.” CD & DVD. Will send to the person who records worst JoCo cover in 30 secnds.”

Now I don’t know who he is and I already have the live album he’s giving away. But the challenge sparked my interest. I soon decided to ruin everything by covering “You Ruined Everything”. Falsetto voice meets flutes. There you go.

But while I was setting up my recording gear, I realized that I could try to rush through “Big Dick Farts a Polka” easily. Three Chords, some melodica, a blistered thumb. I also wanted to do a black metal cover of “Skullcrusher Mountain”, but I figured there are already too many bad cover versions out there. Now, while listening to the songs below, please keep in mind that Jonathan Coulton is actually a very good artist; it’s me who ruins everything.

Download “Big Dick Farts a Polka”: mp3 (more music)

Download “I Ruined Everything”: mp3 (more music)

You should know how great things were before I
Came along, singing out of tune
Once this perfect song was gone I knew
I ruined everything in the worsest way

(original words and music by Jonathan Coulton, made worse by Johannes Schult)


Leverage is currently my favorite TV series. It’s not (yet) on TV in Germany, but thankfully I got the DVD set of the first season as a prize for my Song Fu contributions. I watched most of it throughout the past few nights. The show is great! It scores very high in terms of plot and cast. Most episodes could have easily been turned into whole movies. The lead characters are the perfect mix of individuals. Timothy Hutton rocks and I now have a soft spot for Parker. The relationships are subtle and the chemistry mainly woven into the fabric of the job at hand. I like to think that Leverage is about honor among thieves. My favorite episodes (so far) are The Mile High Job, The Homecoming Job and especially The Stork Job. And the two David Jobs make for a supsenseful finale. VOX has secured the broadcasting rights for Germany, so look out for it this Fall.