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Humppa live!

On Thursday I saw Eläkeläiset live in Munich playing an awesome concert.


There’s nothing to report. So enjoy yourself, get some coffee, relax, get some more coffee, stay at home and watch the rain from your window, have another cup of coffee, think for a while about having a little nap, then dismiss this idea and drink a cup of coffee instead, then watch some quiet, slow movie like Matrix and then go to bed and think how beautiful sleep can be.


This morning I published the first version of – a homepage about the Swedish band Änglagård (1991-1994). It’s a rather small site, but I hope it will persist. Time will tell. Anyway, I won’t promote its birth, at least not yet. Mainly because the site navigation might still be improved and also, because I don’t want to push the page into the spotlight of the progressive rock world. I hope it can develop a little bit instead, as its popularity grows. Well, that’s it – I suggest you go there, have a look at it and check out Änglagård’s music.