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After more than half a year an Ethikwochenende took place, right at my home. I did enjoy it and I think, the participants had a great time as well. We spoke about cloning (how trendy!), societies (discussing democracy and other social orders) and security, which actually lead to a discussion about relationships with girl-/boy-friends (we managed to establish an obscure connection between these two topics). Anyway, I’m really exhausted at the moment, especially because right afterwards From Thy Ashes rehearsed.

Mark Knopfler live in Stuttgart

Happy Birthday to Natalie Portman and her mother!

The Mark Knopfler concert last night was brilliant. The band played a fantastic set and the sound was one of the best I’ve ever heard.

Reminder live in Stockholm

As most of you know I spent five days in Stockholm. I had a great time there not only because I attended a concert of Reminder.

A note for my former class mates: Es ist vermutlich ganz gut, daß das Abikalypse-Forum dicht gemacht hat. Nachdem ich in Stockholm war, bezweifle ich, daß wir es am härtesten brauchen. Oder hat von Euch schon mal jemand Anlauf genommen um noch in den vollkommen überfüllten Bus reinzukommen?! Die spinnen, die Schweden.