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Birthday Song

This song was created in anticipation of Natalie Portman’s 24th birthday. There is no use denying that, although the lyrics remained vague enough to work without that context. I wanted the music to sound like the Shins, a band that was prominently featured in the movie Garden State. Unfortunately, I lacked the proper means and ended up with the present recording. I consider it flawed (just listen to the backing vocals in the brackets), but I don’t think I could have recorded it any better. The chord structure of the verse and of the chorus are somewhat similar to those of the Manticess songs “Child of the Sea” and “Wings of Fire”, respectively; yet another reason not to make this one an album track. But yeah, I actually listen to it quite often, possibly because I’m still amazed by my (rather hidden) falsetto voice during the intro melody which I thought would never survive the mix. Keyboards and acoustic guitars were recorded on 8th June 2005. Vocals and some tasteful glockenspiel were added one day later – on Natalie Portman’s 24th birthday!

Download the song: mp3 ogg (more music)

Someone said today is your 24th birthday
I really don’t know what I’m supposed to do
Until now it has been just an ordinary Thursday
But now every thought keeps leading back to you
I feel you in my mind
I’m still not over you
Can’t leave it all behind
I’m still not over you

In the city everything reminds of your smile
(How it all began)
I only hope tomorrow I’ll be futurebound
(Happy once again)
You were like a seagull in the cloudless sky
(Heading for the sun)
I, on the hand, was turtle on the ground
You were one of a kind
I’m still not over you
Can’t leave it all behind
I’m still not over you

Still not over you
Can’t leave it all behind
I’m still not over you
Can’t get you off my mind
I’m still not over you
Can’t leave it all behind
I’m still not over you

(words and music by Johannes Schult)

Schöne Titelbilder

Hier ist eine relativ spontane Top5-Liste meiner Lieblingsalbumcover:

  1. Blind Guardian: Somewhere Far Beyond
  2. Änglagård: Epilog
  3. The Tannahill Weavers: Are Ye Sleeping Maggie
  4. Iron Maiden: Somewhere in Time
  5. Deep Purple: In Rock

Practical tips for statisticians (part 3)

Here is a short overview of a few LEM models with distinct local features:

  • The Australian model: mod {AC,DC} – yields always the same results, but with different titles
  • The Swedish model: mod {AB,BA} – no longer updated, but still very popular
  • The German model: mod {AD,AC} – no speed limit
  • The Norwegian model: mod {A,HA} – still updated, but not as popular as the Swedish model

Blaubeerkuchen mit Eis

Nachdem ich allerlei über den Film gelesen, war ich ausgesprochen positiv überrascht, als ich am Wochenende My Blueberry Nights im Kino sah. Der erste Akt gehört zum Schönsten, was ich auf der großen Leinwand bislang gesehen habe. Wohlgemerkt tritt Natalie Portman (die einmal mehr ihre Wandlungsfähigkeit demonstriert) darin noch gar nicht auf.

Ach ja, und mit mir in der Nachbarschaft hätten sich die beiden auf problemlos so kennen gelernt. Würde der Film My Marmor Nights heißen, sähe die Sache dagegen ganz anders aus.

Mike Oldfield did it again

Mike Oldfield hat mit seinem neuen Album “Music of the Spheres” ein Meisterwerk abgeliefert! Die elektronikfreie Instrumentierung hindert ihn nicht daran, mittels Orchester und Akustikgitarre üppige Klanglandschaften zu erschaffen, die voller Harmonien und Melodien sind. Wie das erste Wort des Albumtitels verspricht, gibt es reinste Musik; verträumt, verspielt, verzückend. Ich bin begeistert!