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Hier ist eine völlig subjektive Top5-Liste. Dass die meisten Stücke darin schwer bzw. gar nicht (mehr) im regulären (deutschen) Handel erhältlich sind, ist in meinen Augen ein Indiz für die latente Unfähigkeit der Musikindustrie.

  1. Dar Williams: When Sal’s Burned Down
  2. Richard Shindell: Reunion Hill
  3. Reminder: Talk It Out
  4. Majesty: Vital Star
  5. The Brandos: Walking On The Water

Und hier ist eine ebenso subjektive Top5-Liste der Stücke, die es nicht in die obige Liste geschafft haben.

  1. Blind Guardian: And Then There Was Silence
  2. Anglagard: New Song #1
  3. Richard Shindell: Wisteria
  4. The Tannahill Weavers: Are Ye Sleeping Maggie
  5. Mike Oldfield: To France

Jutze im Hooters-Video “I’m Alive”

Die Hooters haben ein Video zu ihrer aktuellen Single “I’m Alive” gebastelt. Und wie das Leben so spielt, hüpfe ich darin zweimal durchs Bild (nach 0:23 bzw. 2:05 Minuten). Klar, es gibt bessere Lieder und bessere Videos, aber als Hooters-Fan freut es mich. Nun bleibt zu hoffen, dass die Band im Sommer wieder in Europa tourt und ordentlich rockt.

Andre Matos live in Hannover

Back in the early 90s I bought “Theatre of Fate” when it was first released in Europe (I was only 13!),  and I followed Angra’s career rather attentively, but I never got around to see Andre Matos live. Last Friday, I finally got the opportunity to change this. Andre Matos and his guitarist Andre Hernandez played an acoustic show at a record store in Hannover. There were no more than 30 people and the musicians decided to play literally unplugged, transforming the melodic metal songs off the records into fragile ballads. I was surprised how great the songs sounded. The vocals were full of passion and covered an impressive dynamic range. The melodica was the spice in the songs, especially the middle part of “Carry On”. All through the event Matos made entertaining remarks in German and appeared to enjoy the intimate setting. (Einen längeren deutschen Bericht gibt es bei!)

Andre Matos live in Hannover (2008-02-29)

  1. Rio
  2. Looking Back
  3. Holy Land
  4. Letting Go
  5. Carry On
  6. How Long (Unleashed Away)

The Brandos live in Koblenz

Last minute line-up changes, lack of setlist changes (let alone surprises), and a rather reserved (but very attentive) audience impeeded the concert at the Café Hahn from becoming an outstanding concert experience. Still, the Brandos are still an outstanding band even under these circumstences. There were the amazing harmony vocals on songs like “The Keeper” and “Walking Home”. There was the inevitable Irish part of the show that gained a lot applause. There was dense atmosphere of old (“Nothing To Fear”) and new (“The Triangle Fire”) masterpieces. And, of course, there was Dave Kincaid’s performance which was up there among the Springsteens and Fogertys.

The Brandos live in Koblenz 2008: Phil Cimino on drums

  1. Fight for Love
  2. Let it go
  3. The Keeper
  4. Turn Away
  5. The Only Love I Can Get
  6. Anna Lee
  7. The Light of Day
  8. The Other Side
  9. She’s the One
  10. The Triangle Fire
  11. Dino’s Song
  12. Tell Her that I Love Her
  13. Merrily Kissed The Quaker / The New York Volunteer
  14. The Solution
  15. Walking Home
  16. Over the Border
  17. Gettysburg
  18. Gunfire at Midnight
  19. The Siege
  20. The Warrior’s Son
  21. Nothing to Fear
  22. The Last Tambourine
  23. Can’t Go Home