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From Thy Ashes on tour (II)

The From Thy Ashes concert in Bamberg was fun, although not too many people showed up due to the DFB cup final. Best thing: I had a drum riser. Coolest thing: Uwe driving home wearing his sunglasses (at 4 am). Weirdest thing: Daniel taking off (all!) his trousers during “Dancing Green Lizards”. Worst thing: what we ate there (I don’t dare to call it food). But we’re alive and things look like we’ll be playing at the Rockfabrik Ludwigsburg once again on Sunday, 10th June.

From Thy Ashes on tour (I)

Tomorrow I’m going to play with From Thy Ashes somewhere in Bamberg. Details will follow as soon as possible, although I’m afraid none of you lazy people out there will come. Our gig in Ludwigsburg last night was great despite its shortness. We had started out set with 10 minutes delay because the other bands couldn’t finish their sound check in time (blame them, it’s all their fault!), and after 4 songs (“Placebo”, “Harbinger”, “Amberland”, “Back In The Womb”) the organizer pulled the plug and we could do nothing but leave the stage to the next band. Still, we got an enthusiastic response from the audience.

Bar jeder Vernunft live in Waiblingen

Yesterday, I saw Bar jeder Vernunft, a grotesque mixture between play and concert featuring Norbert Thiemel. It was rather absurd and a lot of alcohol was involved in the performance. Great entertainment.