52-Second Cover Songs

I will post a new 52-second cover version every day until Sunday. I wrote and recorded an original 52-second song every week throughout this year. So now I’ve ended up with 52 52-second songs. The last one will be put online on Sunday. The cover songs are just a feeble attempt at generating some sort of hype. If you have any suggestions or requests, let me know. (Just bear in mind that it should be Creative Commons music.) I’m also working on a separate page for the collection of 52-second songs for those who are new to this project. (Check out the music section for the time being!)

The fifth and final cover song (for Saturday) is called “Grandma’s Christmas Dinner”. Paul and Storm wrote the song. Their version is a bit longer. But mine has drums! And this video clip.

The fourth cover song (for Friday) is a song by Song Fu veteran Russ Rogers. It’s called “The Homo sapiens Song”. I made a quick lip-sync video with the Christmas tree in the background. The music recording contains drums, piano, vocals, guitar and my keyboard’s bass.

The third cover song (for Thursday) is a traditional German Christmas carol called “Was soll das bedeuten?” (What does this mean?). I just play the piano because it’s one of the pieces I remember from my first piano lessons. (Plus, I don’t know the lyrics by heart.)

The second cover song (for Wednesday) is “Hey Molly”, originally by Mike Lombardo. I turned into a sad instrumental waltz.

The first cover song (for Tuesday) is a somewhat spontaneous piano version of Jonathan Coulton‘s “Drinking With You”. I messed up the lyrics and the sound quality leaves to be desired. But it’s going to get better. And the song itself is cool, I think. Check it out!

One Comment

  1. Russ Rogers:

    If you are doing Creative Commons 52-second covers, well I would LOVE to see a video version of your cover of “Bomb Squad Girl.” But you are more than welcome to cover any other Godz Poodlz song.

    I’ve LOVED the year of 52 second songs. I’m sorry to have it be over. But I’ve explored most of the 52 second songs through YouTube. Not all the songs were made into videos. So there are still a few that I haven’t heard.

    Be well, stay safe and rock on! And Merry Christmas, Jutze!