Jutze 52 #35 – Old McBiddy’s Wedding

This is a nod to my dark progressive country roots. And to Old McBiddy, who’s living happily on his farm in Scotland. (O hai, video!)

#35 Old McBiddy’s Wedding

People came from far to see Old McBiddy’s wedding
Gather in the churchyard to celebrate the day
Oh what a joy it’s going to be: Old McBiddy’s wedding
So when he says, I do, the crowd shouts out, hooray!
Now we’re going to celebrate Old McBiddy’s wedding
Hurry boys, do not be late and let the music play

Watch the people as they dance at Old McBiddy’s wedding
Meanwhile Uncle Parker is getting drunk on wine
Come on folks, raise your hands at Old McBiddy’s wedding
Toast to the happy couple and their love divine

(words and music by Johannes Schult)