The Hooters live in Aschaffenburg

Last Wednesday, the Hooters played the gig of their current European tour. The venue was small (200 people), so there was a rather familiar atmosphere. There were still some minor technical flaws here and there, but the spirit was there and the band apparently delighted to be back on the road/stage. There was, however, hardly any improvation. They basically played their hits and almost the whole new album. Early in the set they played a rock version of “Time After Time” (which was co-written by Rob Hyman) and a mixture of “South Ferry Road” and “Brother Don’t You Walk Away”. Both weren’t really necessary in my opinion. From then on things got better. “Catch of the Day” was the best new song. The band sounded really mellow at times. Just compare the current (album) version of the song “Time Stand Still” with the version they played two years ago and you get the point. Also, Eric Bazilian played more mandolin than on previous tours. All in all it was a good show that. A few more surprises in between wouldn’t have hurt, though. Here’s the setlist:

  1. I’m Alive
  2. Time Stand Still
  3. Time After Time
  4. South Ferry Road / Brother Don’t You Walk Away
  5. Day by Day
  6. All You Zombies
  7. Until I Find You Again
  8. Until You Dare
  9. Catch of the Day
  10. The Boys of Summer
  11. Karla with a K
  12. Twenty-five Hours a Day
  13. Johnny B
  14. Satellite
  15. And We Danced
  16. 500 Miles
  17. Where the Wind May Blow
  18. Morning Buzz
  19. Free Again

Rob Hyman (The Hooters) live in Aschaffenburg