Lethal live in Hechingen

Since I already wrote a long review for Vampster, a short summary of has to suffice. The whole show (21st July 2007) was supposed to be a warm-up for the Bang Your Head festival. Lethal rocked! Incredible vocals, fantastic songs, all good. Right before them, Age of Evil delivered a top notch set and a very tight performance. Pleasant surprise! Onslaught weren’t my cup of tea, but I enjoyed Vicious Rumors. They had Thaen Rasmussen on guitar. He used to be in Anvil Chorus in the early 80s; they were the best band that never got around to release an album. But back to Vicious Rumors: they played “You Only Live Twice” and, of course, “Digital Dictator” (among many others). Yay! Here’s Lethal’s set list:

  1. Fire In Your Skin
  2. Programmed
  3. Swim or Drown
  4. What They’ve Done
  5. Down
  6. Obscure The Sky
  7. Balancing Act
  8. Immune
  9. Pray For Me
  10. Killing Machine

Tom Mallicoat (Lethal) live in Hechingen