The Happiest Man

Jutze - The Happiest Man (album cover)

Exactly three years after my last solo album I’ve assembled a new collection of hits and misses, both old and new. It’s called “The Happiest Man” and I released to the digital world today! The first part (half?) of this album consists of happy songs, hence the title “The Happiest Man”. The second part is somewhat bittersweet, starting with “Frank” and “Lisa” – two songs sung in German. Finally, the third part is mainly loud. It features some more songs I made for the Song Fu songwriting challenge. Of course, the album ends with “A Happy Ending”.

Check out “The Happiest Man” at – listen to it, download it for free (i.e., 0.00) or – if you like the music – pay me whatever you feel like!

One Comment

  1. Flo:

    I love that album cover… It’s got that 1950ies-feel to it…
    Although it lacks that cigarette and a martini. ;-)