Do You Remember the Time…

…when we listened to albums, not to playlists?

…when we were impressed when a friend received an email?

…when we got up early on Monday morning to watch last night’s taping of Headbanger’s Ball?

…when shows and movie on TV were announced by real humans?

…when only every other phone call to Berlin got through?

…when during vacations the only connection to home was a long-distance call to Grandma?

…when we actually memorized our friends’ phone numbers?

…when we could still chosse between SDR3 and SWF3?

…when every other Saturday we had to go to school?

…when we thought that Schmidteinander and RTL Samstag Nacht were the funniest shows ever on German television, not knowing that we were right?

…when the Neckarstadion was still called Neckarstadion?

One Comment

  1. Flo:

    I’m feeling pretty old myself already. The price of living…
    (And just to think of: all the things that mights change as well, heaven forbid!) ;-)

    You remember recording songs from the radio – on cassette?!?? And doing mixtapes?!??