Suff-X in Konstanz, Jonathan Coulton in Amsterdam, The Hooters in Würselen

The gigs with Suff-X last weekend were thoroughly enjoyable. Especially the Opensee concert was a blast! We played a great show in front of 3000 surprisingly supportive people. Wahoo! Playing the drums for a change was a lot of fun. Check out some pictures! I also made a little behind-the-scenes video.

Next thing I knew I was sitting in a train to Amsterdam, where Jonathan Coulton (and Paul and Storm) played his first show in continental Europe. It was fun to meet folks from the forums and be surrounded by the eclectic population that is JoCo’s fan base. The concert was great, the banter hilarious and the city beautiful despite the light rain. I filmed a little travel diary. I also took some pictures.

Then I saw the Hooters in Würselen (near Aachen) at a beautiful venue (Burg Wilhelmstein). I sat near the mixing desk for a change and enjoyed the show from that perspective. My view looked like this. The setlist was spiced with a good dose of “Out of Body”, once again. No big surprises apart from that.