Jutze 52

Today at 19.15 German time (13.15 EST) I’ll be broadcasting a short live show online. Join me at Ustream!

I made a Jutze 52 page to wrap up the past 52 weeks of short songs and deadline frenzy. To celebrate the successful completion I also uploaded another live video. Check out “Laundry Day” below.

PS (edited): I played a jolly gig in Konstanz on December 17th, last year (!). Maybe there will be video footage online at some point. For now, here’s the setlist (I’m a bit pedantic with this kind of things):

  1. Die wichtigen Fragen
  2. Joey Dumps Pacey
  3. Wunschzettel
  4. Bio-Bier
  5. Mr. Tom Furby (Joe Covenant Lamb-cover)
  6. Der Speckgürtel von Paderborn
  7. Reis
  8. Laundry Day
  9. Einkaufszettel
  10. I Wish Natalie Portman Was My Neighbour
  11. Tinnitus