The Brandos live in Koblenz

Last minute line-up changes, lack of setlist changes (let alone surprises), and a rather reserved (but very attentive) audience impeeded the concert at the Café Hahn from becoming an outstanding concert experience. Still, the Brandos are still an outstanding band even under these circumstences. There were the amazing harmony vocals on songs like “The Keeper” and “Walking Home”. There was the inevitable Irish part of the show that gained a lot applause. There was dense atmosphere of old (“Nothing To Fear”) and new (“The Triangle Fire”) masterpieces. And, of course, there was Dave Kincaid’s performance which was up there among the Springsteens and Fogertys.

The Brandos live in Koblenz 2008: Phil Cimino on drums

  1. Fight for Love
  2. Let it go
  3. The Keeper
  4. Turn Away
  5. The Only Love I Can Get
  6. Anna Lee
  7. The Light of Day
  8. The Other Side
  9. She’s the One
  10. The Triangle Fire
  11. Dino’s Song
  12. Tell Her that I Love Her
  13. Merrily Kissed The Quaker / The New York Volunteer
  14. The Solution
  15. Walking Home
  16. Over the Border
  17. Gettysburg
  18. Gunfire at Midnight
  19. The Siege
  20. The Warrior’s Son
  21. Nothing to Fear
  22. The Last Tambourine
  23. Can’t Go Home