Andre Matos live in Hannover

Back in the early 90s I bought “Theatre of Fate” when it was first released in Europe (I was only 13!),  and I followed Angra’s career rather attentively, but I never got around to see Andre Matos live. Last Friday, I finally got the opportunity to change this. Andre Matos and his guitarist Andre Hernandez played an acoustic show at a record store in Hannover. There were no more than 30 people and the musicians decided to play literally unplugged, transforming the melodic metal songs off the records into fragile ballads. I was surprised how great the songs sounded. The vocals were full of passion and covered an impressive dynamic range. The melodica was the spice in the songs, especially the middle part of “Carry On”. All through the event Matos made entertaining remarks in German and appeared to enjoy the intimate setting. (Einen längeren deutschen Bericht gibt es bei!)

Andre Matos live in Hannover (2008-02-29)

  1. Rio
  2. Looking Back
  3. Holy Land
  4. Letting Go
  5. Carry On
  6. How Long (Unleashed Away)