Und alle so: “Yeaahh!” – information for English speaking people

This picture of an election poster in Hamburg started a chain of unexpected events, culminating in a nice flash mob at a CDU campaign rally last Friday. Although some details are difficult to translate into English, I’d like to give readers who don’t understand German an idea what it is all about.

The election poster announces: “The chancellor is coming” and someone added the line: “and Everybody goes like: ‘Yeaahh!'” The graffiti statement alone is funny and subversive in its simplicity. (That’s at least what I think.) Soon, the picture spread through the internet, eliciting laughter and joy among many who are unhappy with Angela Merkel‘s policy. Eventually, the idea was born to have a flash mob calling “Yeaahh!” after each sentence of Merkel’s speech at the rally that was announced on the poster. (NB: Bundestag elections will be held in Germany next Sunday.) And sure enough, a group of people gathered and exclaimed “Yeaahh!” passionately after each sentence of Chancellor Merkel’s speech. The slogan written on the poster might need the German language to function properly. But the effect of unconditional, euphoric affirmation after each and every sentence is a great subversive way to underline the dullness of both the speaker and the content of the speech. Naturally, Merkel went through with her speech. Footage of the event can be found on YouTube.

P.S.: Funnily, the word “alle” should begin with a lowercase letter. I know I’m nitpicking, but maybe this tells you something about the investments the future government should make to provide better education.