What’s the Baby Using?

This little number was (obviously) inspired by LEN TV (and the madness that ensued). Please note that it is actually 25 seconds long. The song was written and recorded on Wednesday, 27th August 2008, while I was packing my suitcase. (Yep, I spent the last week in Bellingham, WA.) There’s drums, electric guitars, an acoustic guitar, a bass courtesy of my keyboard, and my obnoxious vocals on it. (I also tried it with ukulele only, but I don’t think that version is going to be released until someone compiles Jutze archive anthologies.)

Download the song: mp3 ogg (more music)

What’s the baby using?
What’s the baby using?
What’s the baby using?
It’s using 25.
It’s using 25.
It’s using 25.

(words and music by Johannes Schult)


  1. Len:

    That is awesome! Mind if I use it on our show?

  2. Jutze:

    Sure, go ahead. The song is licensed Creative Commons by-nc (like my other weird solo songs), anyway. And thanks for the comment and for making up the meme!

  3. Dr. Floyd:

    I couldn’t help but notice that the song is 25 seconds long, why are YOU using 25? You’re not a baby… or ARE you? hmmm?

  4. bonnyface:

    OMG, has this gotten out of hand or what! This is awesome. It’ll make a great theme song. So Len, what happens when the baby grows up?

  5. xadrian:

    Then it’s no longer a baby and will no longer use 25.