Jutze 52 #40 – The Queue to the Loo

This song began with the title, which I picked up at Summer School in Cambridge (September 13th, 2010). Once the lyrics were set I got the main structure while walking through the streets of Cambridge. I then programmed the rhythm section and added a few organ tracks late at night in bed. Back in Germany I added a couple of electric guitar tracks to spice things up a bit. The song could have done with a real band and a bit more time, I think. But hey, aren’t those organ samples already awesome?

#40 The Queue to the Loo

This pressure inside is driving me over the edge
The closer I get, the longer the seconds stretch
Time and space are relative, it’s true
When you’re waiting in the queue to the loo

The situation is as tense as it gets
It’s the perfect place to set up diaper ads
You wonder if there’ll be some TP left for you
When you’re waiting in the queue to the loo

Waiting to step forward, there’s nothing you can do
When you’re stuck in the queue to the loo

(words and music by Johannes Schult)

Planet Earth Role Playing

This is my entry for White Elephant Music Club‘s Skultar challenge. It’s about sword and sorcery (which I know nothing about). And role-playing (which I know almost nothing about).

Jutze 52 #38 – My Heart Will Stay With You

This song took a couple of surprising turns. I started out with the last line of the lyrics and worked my way to the beginning. The acoustic guitar plays a reduced version of the original picking pattern, giving the track more space. I had intended to included at least two verses, but given the mood I barely managed to fit one into 52 seconds. I used a lot of reverb, possibly way too much. Experimenting with sound effects I arrived at the weird version of the guitar tracks you can hear in the background by applying a denoiser.

#38 My Heart Will Stay With You

I can hear you breathing, lying by my side
I can sleep no longer in the middle of the night
I know I don’t belong here; I have to start anew
But when I leave tomorrow my heart will stay with you

When I leave tomorrow my heart will stay with you

(words and music by Johannes Schult)

Jutze 52 #37 – Team Slater

This song was inspired by the season finale of Community. I’m sure I don’t have to remind you that Community is totally awesome. If you’ve seen the last episode this song will make perfectly sense to you. If not, well, go watch Community!

I recorded this song in two takes with my digicam. It’s the last one I recorded while waiting for my new computer, so next week’s track will have a better production. As for future Community fan songs, I just had the idea to write a heavy metal meets glee homage to the episode “Modern Warfare”…

#37 Team Slater

No left-wing tendencies, a firm grip on life
A grown-up character, math power +5
Statistical knowledge along with a steady income
Attractive looks and then some
Go Slater, go! I’m on Team Slater
Go Slater, go! Winger plus Slater
Go Slater, go!

She’s the one who’s serious; she’s overcome her fear
She’s very much experienced – the decision should be clear
Go Slater, go! I’m on Team Slater
Go Slater, go! Bring Conan back
Team Slater

(words and music by Johannes Schult)

Jutze 52 #34 – Big in Serbia

This is the first proper song I’ve recorded on my new computer. I still have a couple of digicam tracks which I’ll feature here, eventually. I had to force myself rather hard to create this particular song here. Thankfully, Russ chimed in with the suggestion to write about Tropical Heat’s popularity in Serbia. I pieced a few riffs together and assembled the lyrics on the fly, based on a few key words I had jotted down earlier. The whole thing would deserve a more elaborate song. But I only had a narrow time window this week and I was eager to experiment with the new recording software. I hope, however, that the song fits with the other 52-second songs I’ve done so far. (An epic instrumental MIDI-suite is in the works but that’s a different story – related to hybris.)

Želim da postanem poznata u SrbiJa. Ugoditi pomoc mene. Hvala. Ljubav i palacinke!

#34 Big in Serbia

I don’t expect to become an internet superstar
But I wouldn’t mind a bit more popularity
I wish I was big in Serbia
That people recognized me in the street
I wish I was big in Serbia
Just like Tropical Heat

(words and music by Johannes Schult)

Jutze 52 #32 – Hank Green Learned a New Chord

This is a song about F-sharp minor (as seen in Hank’s video around 2:25). If you don’t know who Hank Green is, check out his music at DFTBA Records.

“Hank Green Learned a New Chord” is yet another example for songs I hadn’t written without the 52-second constraint (and the need for brief song lyrics associated with it). Once again I had to record everything with my digicam, hence the bad sound. On the bright sight, you can watch me playing/recording the song.

#32 Hank Green Learned a New Chord

It was Wednesday the 21st
Hank played a tune on his guitar
There on the vlogbrothers channel
I almost couldn’t believe what I saw
It was like an epiphany
Though the part was rather short
It was plain for all to see
Hank Green learned a new chord

Until that day I had always thought
That Hank was a Horcrux of punk
A way to keep the lore of the three chord songs
Safe from boy-groups and funk
It was like an epiphany
Though the part was rather short
It was plain for all to see
Hank Green learned a new chord

Is he about to make the transition from wizard rock
To Slytherin Jazz for the Dark Lord?
Hank Green learned a new chord

(words and music by Johannes Schult)

Jutze 52 #31 – Rainy Day

This is the result of my overexposure to Star Wars. In a post-“Return of the Jedi” world I can imagine guided tourist tours over the Endor battlefield. Who needs Gettysburg when you can stroll through the ruins of the shield generator? Speeder bikes available for extra charge. Yet, given the vast green forests on Endor it must be raining rather often.

The lyrical idea and the main melody lay around for a while until I figured I’d use my digicam to capture me recording the individual parts. I completed the lyrics in a hurry, scrapping my otherwise favourite line “Like a rainy day on Endor with no fur to keep you warm”. The audio tracks are actually those from the camera, so please excuse the crappy quality. You can see excerpts from all five tracks in the video.

#31 Rainy Day

Now I’ve finally reached my aim
But it really ain’t the same
Without you by my side
Feels like a rainy day on Endor
Feels like a rainy day on Endor

I can’t enjoy my victory
Because I was too blind to see
Just what you meant to me
Feels like a rainy day on Endor
Feels like a rainy day on Endor

(words and music by Johannes Schult)

Soccer Girl

This is my new single! It consists of two short songs. Check out jutze.bandcamp.com for further song details, full-length audio samples and various download options. NB: You can download the songs for free by entering zero Euros (0.00€) when naming your price.

Jutze 52 #30 – Der Speckgürtel von Paderborn

This song is rather weird.

#30 Der Speckgürtel von Paderborn

Ein schwarzer VW-Bus hielt vor meinem Haus
Und eh ich mich versah, stiegen schwarze Leute aus
Der erste Vermummte hatte ein Gewehr
Er legte an und schoss und mein Körper wurde schwer

Der zweite Vermummte griff nach meinem Bein
Und zu zweit hievten sie mich dann in den Bus hinein
Ich verlor das Bewusstsein wie in einem schlechten Traum
Und ich wachte wieder auf in einem fensterlosen Raum

Dann kam ein Mann im weißen Kittel mit Blutflecken drauf
Er zerrte mich nach nebenan; ich stolperte im Lauf
Ich kann nur schwer beschreiben, was daraufhin geschah
Man zwickte und massierte mich und spielte danach Skat

Man schnürte mich auf Rollschuh und man drehte mich im Kreis
Man kniff mich in mein Ohrläppchen und fragte, wie ich heiß
So ging das viele Stunden und ich war total verwirrt
Ich konnte nicht entfliehen; ich war allein und sie zu viert

Ich kann mich nicht erinnern, doch plötzlich war es aus
Und müde lag ich auf dem Rasen hier vor meinem Haus
Ich zitterte und fror und meine Kehle brannte
Und dann fiel mir wieder ein, wie der Ort sich nannte
Speckgürtel von Paderborn!

(words and music by Johannes Schult)

Jutze 52 #29 – Your Smile

This is the last song I recorded on my old computer. I wanted to approach the 52 seconds of music without a regular song structure in mind. I combined various parts and slowly the track grew into what you hear now. The lyrics had no meaning at first but after tweaking a few lines a vague situation came to life. I also recorded a quick video of me playing the song.

#29 Your Smile

You said goodbye with a hint of regret in your smile
And finally I see that I am free
Because what you meant to me
Won’t bother me no more
It’s all I had in store
And the times we spent
Trying to meet ends meet
It feels so obsolete
And I bleed
I wonder why I liked your smile
Your smile
Your smile

(words and music by Johannes Schult)