Jutze 52 #47 – Socially Sad

This song had to be forced into existence. I wrote and recorded it on Friday, September 17 this year. Sitting in a friend’s living room I experimented with tambourine loops and MIDI programming. Much of the music was constructed rather than written. Once I had the basic tracks I forced the lyrics on them. I had too many lines so now the last melody part coincides with the vocals.

I postponed releasing this tune time and time again. It is one of those songs that lack a connection to what I usually play. Plus, there’s nothing too original about it. I had been afraid that I would end up putting out nothing but songs like these. But I think I managed to make a few rather interesting tracks in between. This is why I now present this piece as an example of mediocrity which thankfully is only 52 seconds long.

PS: Next week’s song is going to be much cooler!

#47 Socially Sad

I’m lying on the beach
It’s 35 degrees
There’s not a single a cloud in the sky
And everybody’s happy
Everyone but me
Because when it comes to holidays I’m not that kind of guy

I’d rather be alone
And not pick up the phone
And travel somewhere far away from the heat
I know it’s really bad
It’s socially sad
But a daily dose of solitude is what I need

(words and music by Johannes Schult)