The Hooters live in Friedrichshafen

Yesterday, the Hooters played in Friedrichshafen. This was the first time I had to take the ferry to get to a concert. Funnily, the band played “South Ferry Road” this time around. They also had plenty of songs from “Out of Body” in the setlist, four in total. I liked that. Two new songs from the upcoming EP “Five by Five” were also featured. “Pissing in the Rhine” was sung in German; a quick rocking opening track with no deeper meaning as far as I can tell from one listen. “Silver Lining” was a bit closer to serenity of the “Time Stand Still” record, yet had an upbeat infectious chorus. One of the highlights was the ending of “500 Miles”. Eric (on harmonica) and guest musician Tommy Williams (on guitar, helping out until Eric’s broken shoulder is healed) delivered a fascinating duel that reminded me of the tours in 2004 and 2005, when the band jammed quite a lot. I wasn’t perfectly happy with Johnny B being put into the encore section of the setlist. I always loved how “the big hit” came on halfway through the set, paving the way for a grand finale of non-stop rock with Karla, Satellite, Danced and so on. Anyway, be sure to catch the band on their 30th anniversary tour this summer!

  1. Pissing in the Rhine
  2. Day by Day
  3. South Ferry Road
  4. Fightin’ on the Same Side
  5. The Boys of Summer
  6. Great Big American Car
  7. Silver Lining
  8. 500 Miles
  9. Morning Buzz
  10. Deliver Me
  11. Private Emotion
  12. I’m Alive
  13. Twenty-Five Hours a Day
  14. Satellite
  15. All You Zombies
  16. Karla With a K
  17. And We Danced
  18. Johnny B
  19. Free Again
  20. Boys Will Be Boys
  21. One of Us
  22. Time After Time

Fran Smith, Jr. (The Hooters) live in Friedrichshafen