Jutze 52 #10 – Reis

This is a song about a bag of rice that fell over and changed the world. I toyed around with some harmony vocals in the chorus. It doesn’t sound very good, but the week is almost over. So here it is.

This is the first song of a few that was inspired by ideas from a couple of friends. I had asked for advice, because by now I have run out of ideas. I mean, the weekly effort is taking its toll. In fact, I’m usually producing two songs in batch-mode in order to have every other weekend off. I still have one song in reserve and I already finished the final song #52.

#10 Reis

In China fiel gerade ein Sack mit Reis um
Einfach so ohne Befehl oder Anweisung
Er fiel einfach um
Und das war ziemlich dumm

Denn leider hatte ihn dort irgendjemand
Neben dem Roten Knopf angelehnt an die Wand
Und dann fiel er um
Und das war ziemlich dumm
Und dann machte es bumm
Und dann machte es kawumm

(words and music by Johannes Schult)