The Hooters live in Frankfurt

Last Thursday, The Hooters played a very good show at the Batschkapp in Frankfurt, which was packed with about 600 people. I won’t bore you with the details. One thing that tends to get lost when writing lengthy accounts of shows like this is the passion and joy of the musicians. In the times of Oasis split-ups and law suits it’s easy to overlook bands like the Hooters who have little more to offer than superbly crafted music that comes from the heart. Even when they underscore the melancholy of Don Henley’s “Boys of Summer” with tasteful piano and mandolin playing, there is the omnipresent joy of being there, being alive, playing music to an excitable crowd, making a difference.

“Everybody Needs a Song” captured the latter notion perfectly. There were some Beatles vibes in that one. “One More River Left to Cross” had developed into a full-fledged Hooters-song since I first heard Eric Bazilian‘s demo. “Highway-Bound” was driven by a groovy shuffle-rhythm and a nice electric guitar/mandolin-texture. A new album is on the horizon, but no promises were made. (John Lilley is about to release his solo album next month, though.)

All in all, a splendid time was had by all!

  1. I’m Alive
  2. Time Stand Still
  3. Day by Day
  4. Fightin’ on the Same Side
  5. Highway-Bound
  6. The Boys of Summer
  7. Johnny B
  8. All You Zombies
  9. Deliver Me
  10. Private Emotion
  11. Morning Buzz
  12. Graveyard Waltz (slight return)
  13. 500 Miles
  14. One More River Left to Cross
  15. Karla with a K
  16. Twenty-Five Hours a Day
  17. Satellite
  18. And We Danced
  19. One of Us
  20. Where the Wind May Blow
  21. Brother Don’t You Walk Away
  22. Everybody Needs a Song
  23. Free Again