Worst JoCo Cover Competition

Joel Johnson twittered: “Have an extra copy of @jonathancoulton‘s “Best. Concert. Ever.” CD & DVD. Will send to the person who records worst JoCo cover in 30 secnds.”

Now I don’t know who he is and I already have the live album he’s giving away. But the challenge sparked my interest. I soon decided to ruin everything by covering “You Ruined Everything”. Falsetto voice meets flutes. There you go.

But while I was setting up my recording gear, I realized that I could try to rush through “Big Dick Farts a Polka” easily. Three Chords, some melodica, a blistered thumb. I also wanted to do a black metal cover of “Skullcrusher Mountain”, but I figured there are already too many bad cover versions out there. Now, while listening to the songs below, please keep in mind that Jonathan Coulton is actually a very good artist; it’s me who ruins everything.

Download “Big Dick Farts a Polka”: mp3 (more music)

Download “I Ruined Everything”: mp3 (more music)

You should know how great things were before I
Came along, singing out of tune
Once this perfect song was gone I knew
I ruined everything in the worsest way

(original words and music by Jonathan Coulton, made worse by Johannes Schult)

One Comment

  1. Russ Rogers:

    You didn’t ruin everything. But you sure ruined “I Ruined Everything.” That was deliciously inspired and terrible. You really deserved to win. Congratulations!