Song Fu Recap and Death Metal Outlook

A little while ago I contributed some backing vocals to the song “Big Red Nose” by Mick Bordet. Please check out his Song Fu page for the song and further information on the why and when. There you can also find the detailed results of the first three rounds of Song Fu #3. I ended up 8th, which isn’t that bad at all, I think. Thanks for voting! It’s now up to Molly to defeat Paul and Storm. (Or for the latter to show that all the food and touring didn’t hamper their creative juices.)

If you haven’t check out the most recent round, I urge you to rectify this at once. I highly recommend the entries by Edric Haleen, Mike Lombardo, Molly Lewis, and Hank Green. They all make sense at the end, I promise!

In terms of non-Fu music news, the death metal my brother and I have been working on is close to being released. A homepage and demo songs are scheduled for early May.

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  1. Mick Bordet:

    Thanks for the plug!

    I’ve been enjoying Heteroscedasticity for the last couple of weeks… looking forward to hearing more…

    I’ve put up a little review/plug over on my blog –

    Keep on rocking!