Eric Bazilian & Rob Hyman (The Hooters) live in Frankfurt/M.

Last Saturday, Eric Bazilian and Rob Hyman, the key players of the Hooters, performed live at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt/Main. Hohner had invited them to their booth and they gladly obliged. Armed with an impressive arsenal of instruments, they ran through a set without surprises, but with good spirit and maybe a couple of hundred listeners. It was the first time I saw them playing a full set as a duo in a somewhat acoustic setup; very enjoyable, indeed! It was also the first time they didn’t do a singalong ending in “Johnny B”. We got to be the pirate choir on “Morning Buzz”, instead. Here’s a pic and the setlist:

Eric Bazilian and Rob Hyman (The Hooters) live at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt

  1. I’m Alive
  2. All You Zombies
  3. Karla with a K
  4. Morning Buzz
  5. Star of the County Down / Johnny B
  6. Satellite
  7. And We Danced

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  1. Wolle:

    Hi Jutze

    Great photo, thanks for sharing this take of Eric Bazilian playing the Lanikai 8 string tenor ukulele and Rob Hyman on the Hohner pianet. Eric told me he had never tried a uke before the Frankfurt Messe this year! I agree the acoustic set by Eric and Rob as a duo was real fun.