Title of the post

Self-absorbed triviality. Assessement of lack of content. Typographic erorr. Unexplainable urge to share my boredom with a virtual audience. Lame fart joke. Link to meme that is so last summer. Cryptic reference to the title of the post.

Verbose prelude to supposed highlight. Dream I had tonight involving two opposite bands and a bunch of people I haven’t seen in ages. Fill words. Hidden reference to actual event =-). Another cryptic reference to the title of the post.

(Inspired by “Title of the Song” by DaVinci’s Notebook)

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  1. Russ Rogers:

    Jutze, I’m so pleased that you are in the Song Fu #3 competition with me. You are #26 out of 25! That should make you feel special.

    It was fun for me to recognize not only the names of the Masters,and how freakin’ cool it it to be on the same stage as Niel Innes, but I recognized you and Molly and Hank Green from YouTube! Yes, your FAME precedes you!

    I came to this post because Quick Stop’s Web Crawler Bot thought that you were referencing their competition. I see the reference over there in the sidebar. And it has nothing to do with this post, which is both hilarious and an apt tribute to “Title of the Song!” But I can’t comment on the sidebar without signing in to Twitter. Which I guess I can do! Good Luck, Jutze! Your iFan, Russ Rogers