Paul and Storm Watch (week 2)

No reaction from Paul and Storm so far. Of course, I could just write @paulandstorm on Twitter; or send in half a picture of me as a minion. But if it were that easy, it’d be called Felicia Day Watch. So I’ll stay below the radar for some more time.

What a self-referential post so far! Where’s the bashing? Where’s the praise? This week’s 5-10 podcast was quite good: Naturally, they overdid the duel stuff. Still, Albert Einstein with a flame thrower was funny. Note that I do not link to the podcast itself. That would be too obvious in these days of trackbacks and Google Analytics. I have the feeling that the dynamic duo will refrain from acknoledging me, once they stumble upon this page, just to see what I’m going to say about Poochie, eh, Paul and Storm. Next week I’ll start with the story of how I discovered their music even before I heard of Jonathan Coulton.