Coming Attractions

Today, I recorded the last missing piece for my upcoming solo album Heteroscedasticity. I still have to assemble the individual tracks to a coherent unit (tough job) and create some kind of artwork. It is going to be a download-only album, available for free, licensed Creative Commons by-nc; so you can create your own physical album if you care. Right now, the song order in the music section does not correspond to the initial title numbers. I will fix that once all tracks are there. Please be patient – and re-download everything after the album release for maximum correctness.

I had planned to make a video of me playing some songs live to a non-existent audience. I’ve already compiled a setlist: some songs from the album, a couple of other tracks, and a cover version. I’m not sure when/if I find the time for this, but the idea is to have some moving pictures to go along with the album.

I don’t have the time to do more promotional activities and for the time being everything is strictly non-commercial. I’ll just see where it goes from there – probably nowhere. And that would be okay with me. But at least I can point back at something specific whenever someone learns that I used to make music while I was studying. This being said, I’m not going to burn my drums. But we (my drums and I) are going to live apart and I’ll be busy with other (non-musical) things, anyway.