Die belgische Herberge

Unlike most people I didn’t like that movie. I found it incredibly ordinary and the characters were too smooth. The conflict of the lead character wasn’t resolved in the end, only postponed (until the even worse sequel). What remained was a pale depiction of the chaos and mayhem that’s all around me now.

If you are interested in a true online diary about my current experiences, please make yourself heard. I’m not going to write one, unless there is some kind of demand. I don’t mind sharing the ups and downs, but I think mediocrity would prevail. I mean, thousands of students are experiencing similiar stuff and I don’t think it’s necessary that I add another voice to the choir, because there won’t be many exceptional incidents, I guess; just an ordinary life.


  1. reinhard:

    ey das heißt spanische Herberge, oder wirst du hintergründig?
    mach et weiter juut!
    Dein reinhard

  2. Jan:

    I knew, which movie you were referring to. Even before I read that you didn’t like that movie. Maybe it was simple to read out our phone calls, or your emails.
    I liked that movie. And I would like some more of that stuff. ;-)


  3. Kai:

    Demand more of that stuff. Like it.