The Hooters live in Winterbach

Wow, what a show! I’ve already written a German review and a long, verbose report in the new Hooters forum. (There you can read about the Hooters gig in Tuttlingen last week, as well.) So yes, this is already the condensed version.

The Hooters really rocked the tent last night! They played 110 minutes and (finally) managed to keep the energy of the regular set during the encore (partly due to “Catch of the Day”, partly due to the euphoria of the crowd); they even had to return a second time, because the tent was indeed going crazy. The audience was great and the band apparently enjoyed the gig. The sound (in front of the stage) was amazing, very clear vocals, not too much bass. All good, all good!

There were about 2000 people; hardly anyone left right after the Hooters (although most people got outside to catch some fresh air and get something drink; you see: a Hooters show makes your throat sore, because you can’t help but sing along all the time. Later on, Asia (who were supposed to be the headliner) played for about 100 minutes, but the energy level – both on and off stage couldn’t compare to that of the Hooters!

The concert was organized by the Kulturinitiative Winterbach. They’ve done an amazing job. Not only did they bring the Hooters to the Remstal area, they also made the actual concert very enjoyable, i.e. you weren’t allowed to smoke in the tent, and you were allowed to take pictures (without flash). Two thumbs up! Check out their Zeltspektakel homepage for additional photos. Here’s the Hooters’ setlist:

  1. I’m Alive
  2. Time Stand Still
  3. Time After Time
  4. Day by Day
  5. Fightin’ on the Same Side
  6. Graveyard Waltz (slight return) / 500 Miles
  7. Until You Dare
  8. Where The Wind May Blow
  9. The Boys of Summer
  10. Twenty-Five Hours a Day
  11. Johnny B
  12. All You Zombies
  13. Karla With A K
  14. Satellite
  15. And We Danced
  16. Catch of the Day
  17. One of Us
  18. Free Again
  19. South Ferry Road / Brother Don’t You Walk Away

John Lilley (The Hooters) live in Winterbach (2007-07-20)

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  1. Kai:

    Krass! Eine Setlist, die so anfängt (I’am alive / Time stand[s] still / Time [what is] After Time) gefällt mir normalerweise ganz gut….