It’s the Library

The University of Konstanz has an excellent library. The collection of books on data analysis is excellent and you can spend many hours in the computer pools on level B6 with STATA. There is also a growing number of audio-visual resources, mainly video tapes. As a connoisseur of comedy, absurdity, and statistics I can highly recommend the Black Adder-series, Airplane!, or the complete introductory course in research methods lecture.

With the advent of DVD technology most new items are on DVD and therefore more popular among the students. In other words, there is a reservation list for most of the good stuff. I don’t really mind and hope I don’t sound complaining. The reason for this long introduction escapes my memory, so here’s the thing: I was quite surprised to find the English version of She’s the Man on the shelf. It’s “based on Shakespeare”, I know, but it’s not sorted with the rest of that stuff. Could it be that someone working there realized the sheer brilliance of the movie? Grasped its timeless kind-heartedness? Experienced the exuberant joy upon watching it?