A happy beginning

When I first saw Lost and Delirious, Piper Perabo just blew me away. Actually, the whole movie was amazing. Still, Piper’s character Paulie Oster stood out as a unique role. I didn’t think I’d ever see anything remotely comparable. If you liked the movie as much as I did (or even more), please don’t get your hopes up, when I say I was reminded of Paulie when I saw Agathe de la Boulaye in The Girl. I think both actresses look strikingly similar in their respective roles: their clothes, their gestures, their motions, their eyes. However, The Girl is a somewhat surreal movie. There’s almost no dialogue and the plot remains rather vague. The passion between the girl and the painter is intriguing, but the whole story remains terribly unreal. The first few scenes are really strong, though. In a matter of seconds, the two main characters are introduced and their relationship is established. What could have been an excellent outset for a thrilling romance is then turned into a dull art movie with tasteful pictures and a solid jazz sound track. In fact, you can just visit the official site and experience the elusive atmosphere of the movie. If you watch the movie, don’t expect anything to actually happen. Just enjoy its beauty.