Dar Williams might just change your life.

She’s a very talented singer and songwriter. She’s got a strong and clear voice. Her lyrics are thoughtful, poetic, and at times funny. Some of my favourite songs are “When Sal’s Burned Down”, “Are You Out There” and “Iowa”. Each has his own vibe. They’re about topics you don’t find in today’s music too often (and neither in yesterday’s music). Check out her official homepage and this excellent fan page.

I had heard one of her songs before (“As Cool As I Am”), but it was on April 16th, 2003, that I became a fan of her music. By now, I own all her albums. Especially her latest effort, “My Better Self” grew on me a lot. At first, I wasn’t impressed. But after seeing Dar live a couple of times earlier this year and listening to the album a bit more, I realized there are several outstanding songs on it, e.g., “Beautiful Enemy” and “Empire”. If you’re not familiar with Dar’s music, you should either check out her live album “Out There – Live” (featuring great versions of “Iowa”, “The Ocean”, “As Cool As I Am”, and “February”) or her debut “The Honesty Room” (featuring several amazing acoustic songs like “You’re Aging Well”).

Dar Williams live in Venlo (April 23rd, 2006)

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