Jutze 52 #21 – Everybody Farts

This song developed over a couple of days, which I thankfully had at my hands. The chorus came first. Then what? It made me think of Shania Twain’s marijuana experience, which she described in her autobiography: “I mean, it did make me dizzy and giddy, but at that age, so did having a good laugh over an unexpected, loud fart.” (p. 94)

Once I had the chords and the melody, I wasn’t sure what rhythm to use. I could have turned it into a fun 4/4 punk song. The acoustic approach makes the lyrics stand out, though. I think. After a few video-less weeks, I also made a video. Hopefully, the next video will feature not just the lower half of my face. The final chorus should be “some do it quietly”, right? But hey, I’m a German. I’m ignorant of adverbs. Ha! (Sorry.)

#21 Everybody Farts

Hillary Clinton, Prince Charles, the Pope, and the King of Spain
The husband of Natalie Portman, your mum and Shania Twain
Everybody farts
Everybody farts
From time to time
No, it is no crime
Everybody farts

Jonathan Coulton, Tom Cruise, and Angela Merkel, too
Your significant other, and sometimes even you
Everybody farts
Everybody farts
Some do it quiet
Some cause a riot
Yes, everybody farts

(words and music by Johannes Schult 2015 Creative Commons by-nc 4.0)