Jutze 52 #34 – Big in Serbia

This is the first proper song I’ve recorded on my new computer. I still have a couple of digicam tracks which I’ll feature here, eventually. I had to force myself rather hard to create this particular song here. Thankfully, Russ chimed in with the suggestion to write about Tropical Heat’s popularity in Serbia. I pieced a few riffs together and assembled the lyrics on the fly, based on a few key words I had jotted down earlier. The whole thing would deserve a more elaborate song. But I only had a narrow time window this week and I was eager to experiment with the new recording software. I hope, however, that the song fits with the other 52-second songs I’ve done so far. (An epic instrumental MIDI-suite is in the works but that’s a different story – related to hybris.)

Želim da postanem poznata u SrbiJa. Ugoditi pomoc mene. Hvala. Ljubav i palacinke!

#34 Big in Serbia

I don’t expect to become an internet superstar
But I wouldn’t mind a bit more popularity
I wish I was big in Serbia
That people recognized me in the street
I wish I was big in Serbia
Just like Tropical Heat

(words and music by Johannes Schult)