Jutze 52 #43 – Katy

This song was inspired by Richard Shindell’s “By Now”. I had little and just forced myself to write a song. I filmed a quick video right after writing the first draft two days ago. Yesterday, I switched the chords in the chorus. Just an hour ago I recorded the final version, which features some piano playing that wasn’t there in the first place/draft.

#43 Katy

Katy stands in the middle of the road
Looking for a place called home
Her broken heart is such a heavy load
She takes it everywhere she goes
Oh Katy, can’t you see
That you’re throwing your life away
Just face reality
And find a place to stay
So that your broken heart may heal

(words and music by Johannes Schult)

Jutze 52 #36 – Funnel Cloud

This is a remnant from the time when my computer broke down. At first, I imagined the lead melody being played by a violin. But only on the piano did I find a proper way to continue the tune. This little piece of music is possibly a filler. But it’s one you can use to meditate on life and sound quality.

#36 Funnel Cloud

Jutze 52 #33 Regentropfen im Nordwind

This little tune was written and recorded at an unlikely location: the camping ground of this year’s Headbangers Open Air. I had planned to record more tracks back home. But once I had come up with the melody I liked the sparse sound of the glockenspiel. I recorded the song with my digicam inside the car. I had to close the windows because the first band of the day was already on stage, thrashing away. It got quite hot. So for me it’s surprising how the track sounds nothing like the circumstances under which it came into being.

#33 Regentropfen im Nordwind

Jutze 52 #29 – Your Smile

This is the last song I recorded on my old computer. I wanted to approach the 52 seconds of music without a regular song structure in mind. I combined various parts and slowly the track grew into what you hear now. The lyrics had no meaning at first but after tweaking a few lines a vague situation came to life. I also recorded a quick video of me playing the song.

#29 Your Smile

You said goodbye with a hint of regret in your smile
And finally I see that I am free
Because what you meant to me
Won’t bother me no more
It’s all I had in store
And the times we spent
Trying to meet ends meet
It feels so obsolete
And I bleed
I wonder why I liked your smile
Your smile
Your smile

(words and music by Johannes Schult)

Jutze 52 #9 – Requiem for a Snowflake

This is an instrumental piece that could easily be incorporated in a lonely movie scene. I started out with the acoustic guitar part, double-tracked it and added some high piano notes to augment the atmosphere.

#9 Requiem for a Snowflake