Jutze 52 #44 – Questions

This song nearly didn’t happen. I had written the first two verses months ago and was somehow unsatisfied and/or hit a heavy writer’s block. Cleaning up some piles of paper on my desk today I discovered the page with the words. This time around I liked the lyrics better and immediately filled in the missing parts. Once the music was written I didn’t even have to readjust the tempo, something I almost always have to do to meet the 52-second deadline. And I even managed to throw in a harmonica bit at the end!

Oh, yes: video.

#44 Questions

Who made your clothes and who wrote the Bible?
And what’s the story of the food on your table?
These are the important questions
We have to answer them every day

Where does the money go that you spend on fuel?
Where does the power come from that makes your AC cool?
These are the important questions
We have to answer them every day

Did you smile a lot today?
And when was the last time you were in love?

(words and music by Johannes Schult)

Jutze 52 #29 – Your Smile

This is the last song I recorded on my old computer. I wanted to approach the 52 seconds of music without a regular song structure in mind. I combined various parts and slowly the track grew into what you hear now. The lyrics had no meaning at first but after tweaking a few lines a vague situation came to life. I also recorded a quick video of me playing the song.

#29 Your Smile

You said goodbye with a hint of regret in your smile
And finally I see that I am free
Because what you meant to me
Won’t bother me no more
It’s all I had in store
And the times we spent
Trying to meet ends meet
It feels so obsolete
And I bleed
I wonder why I liked your smile
Your smile
Your smile

(words and music by Johannes Schult)