Ninja Dolls live in Konstanz

One of Sweden’s finest punk rock bands, Ninja Dolls, visited Konstanz on Thursday night. They played a tight, quick set featuring three songs off their new “D.I.Y.”-EP along with most of the songs from “1 2 3 Go!” (which was one of my favourite albums 2009). Malin’s voice showed a little strain towards the end of the set, but overall she proved to be an excellent lead singer who handled the old material with ease. As an encore we got a nice cover version of Dolly Parton’s “Jolene”. Other highlights were the acoustic version of “Valentine” and, well, pretty much every other song. I only missed “Run and Hide”. Still, it was an enjoyable show, albeit a rather short one. (Just observing, not complaining here – admission was free, after all.)

Ninja Dolls live in Konstanz

  1. We Gave It All Away
  2. Miss Young and Naive
  3. You’re a Monster
  4. All Mixed Up
  5. Old Mariann
  6. Don’t Wanna Go Home
  7. Valentine (Is Just a Reason to Get Drunk)
  8. Who Am I Fooling?
  9. Harry’s Got to Go
  10. Who’s Pretending
  11. The Last Song About You (for This Time)
  12. Jolene

Merry Christmas (from Chiron Beta Prime)

For the lack of other news, here’s a song by Jonathan Coulton. I chose the ASL video by Stephen Torrence to go with it, because his face expressions are awesome. The choice was a difficult one, because there’s other nice ones like Christmas lights, Muppets and plenty of live versions.

Also, check out the two new Ninja Dolls songs – good, friendly punk rock.