Jutze 52 #33 – The Sun’s Jig

This happened when I went through an old Manticess song (“The Sun’s Song” – unreleased) and tried to remember the middle part. At some point I thought I could just write something new. The result is what you hear here.

#33 The Sun’s Jig

(music by Johannes Schult 2015 Creative Commons by-nc 4.0)

Jutze 52 #33 Regentropfen im Nordwind

This little tune was written and recorded at an unlikely location: the camping ground of this year’s Headbangers Open Air. I had planned to record more tracks back home. But once I had come up with the melody I liked the sparse sound of the glockenspiel. I recorded the song with my digicam inside the car. I had to close the windows because the first band of the day was already on stage, thrashing away. It got quite hot. So for me it’s surprising how the track sounds nothing like the circumstances under which it came into being.

#33 Regentropfen im Nordwind

Jutze 52 #6 – Jutze’s Jig

This one was written on the spot today after I had decided that the song I had prepared during the week will only be released at the very end as song #52. Last night I saw the Dubliners live in St. Gallen. (They played a wonderful show including favourites of mine like “The Rocky Road to Dublin” and “The Town I Loved So Well”.) So I was in the mood for some Irish folk. Please excuse the cheap keyboard sounds. Just keep in mind that me playing a real fiddle would have sounded much worse! Anyway, it’s just a 52-second tune, so please bear with me and my artificial orchestra. (The guitar is real.)

#6 Jutze’s Jig