Jutze 52 #39 – Parker’s Piece, 2 am

This instrumental piece was recorded using the keyboard of my computer. I did correct and modify a few notes here and there. But the main parts were recorded late at night in Cambridge, England, after I had experimented with synthesizer sounds and the idea of writing an instrumental with harmonic layers rather than clear melodies. Or something like that.

#39 Parker’s Piece, 2 am

Jutze 52 #29 – Your Smile

This is the last song I recorded on my old computer. I wanted to approach the 52 seconds of music without a regular song structure in mind. I combined various parts and slowly the track grew into what you hear now. The lyrics had no meaning at first but after tweaking a few lines a vague situation came to life. I also recorded a quick video of me playing the song.

#29 Your Smile

You said goodbye with a hint of regret in your smile
And finally I see that I am free
Because what you meant to me
Won’t bother me no more
It’s all I had in store
And the times we spent
Trying to meet ends meet
It feels so obsolete
And I bleed
I wonder why I liked your smile
Your smile
Your smile

(words and music by Johannes Schult)