Not Making Movies

Several months ago I had announced I’d make a movie. I’m sorry to report that this particular movie did not work out due to time constraints. We didn’t even get to the actual shooting of it, so no harm done, no money lost, and hopefully no hard feelings from anybody involved.

You can read/download the screen play for the short movie. It is identical with the final draft of 16th March 2007, except for the title (which is now B.P.P., that is the abbreviation of the working title) and the name of the male lead (now Karsten; I was never happy with the original name). NB: The B.P.P. screen play by Johannes Schult is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.0 Germany License. So feel free to film the movie yourself!

My (non-existant) career as a film maker is currently on hold. I recently finished writing another screen play, though. But that’s based on material I don’t own the rights of. I only wrote it for my personal fun and to get some more practice.