52 52-second songs - about laundry, fries, questions, and statistics

Mit einigen deutschen Liedern wie
Einkaufszettel (eine Art Liebeslied über innere Werte)
Konrad (über Juristen und ihr Schicksal)
Fremde Leute (über IKEA oder über Alzheimer)
Featuring a lot of song in English, including
Laundry Day (sung from the point of view of a happy laundromat)
52-Second Song (sung from the point of view of a 52-second song)
Questions (about the important questions in life)
Plus instrumental music / Plus instrumentale Stücke!
Clouds Are Passing by (melodic acoustic guitars)
Wedding March (rock'n'ska with some twang)
Requiem for a Snowflake (soft piano soundtrack)

Live 2010

A couple of live tracks from my live gigs in December 2010.

Reis (Live in Konstanz am 11. Dezember 2010)

Laundry Day (Live in Konstanz am 11. Dezember 2010)

Die wichtigen Fragen / Einkaufszettel / Kulturnacht-Programm (Live in Konstanz am 10. Dezember 2010)

  1. Bonkers mp3 info
  2. Seven Green Fairies mp3 info
  3. Castle Ruins in November mp3 info
  4. Your Love Is Like a Serving of Fries That's Too Large mp3 info video
  5. Gives Girls the Edge mp3 info
  6. Jutze's Jig mp3 info
  7. Lonely Hearts Ad (Bootstrapping) mp3 info video
  8. Communication Removal Is Due Tomorrow mp3 info
  9. Requiem for a Snowflake mp3 info
  10. Reis mp3 info video
  11. Canada mp3 info
  12. Clouds Are Passing by mp3 info video
  13. Dear Screenwriters (Happy Birthday, Annie Wersching) mp3 info video
  14. Feed Me mp3 info
  15. Targorian March mp3 info
  16. Statistics mp3 info
  17. Einkaufszettel mp3 info
  18. The Time We've Lost mp3 info video
  19. Lincoln, TX mp3 info
  20. Die Fremde mp3 info
  21. Surface Tension mp3 info
  22. Painting the Plane mp3 info
  23. Do You Have a Spare Monkey? mp3 info video
  24. Lost My Pick in the Prairie mp3 info
  25. Laundry Day mp3 info video
  26. Department of Redundancy Department mp3 info video
  27. Loop Pool mp3 info
  28. Badreligion mp3 info
  29. Your Smile mp3 info video
  30. Der Speckgürtel von Paderborn mp3 info video
  31. Rainy Day mp3 info video
  32. Hank Green Learned a New Chord mp3 info video
  33. Regentropfen im Nordwind mp3 info video
  34. Big in Serbia mp3 info
  35. Old McBiddy's Wedding mp3 info video
  36. Funnel Cloud mp3 info
  37. Team Slater mp3 info
  38. My Heart Will Stay With You mp3 info
  39. Parker's Piece, 2 am mp3 info
  40. The Queue to the Loo mp3 info
  41. Just Like You mp3 info video
  42. Choral Fragment mp3 info
  43. Katy mp3 info
  44. Questions mp3 info video
  45. NaNoWriMo Lament 1 mp3 info video
  46. NaNoWriMo Lament 2 mp3 info video
  47. Socially Sad mp3 info
  48. Wild Geese in Texas mp3 info
  49. Wunschzettel mp3 info
  50. Kulturnacht-Programm mp3 info
  51. Tinnitus mp3 info
  52. 52-Second Song mp3 info
  1. Darling, Fetch the Battle Axe mp3 info
  2. Don't Forget That Brains Attract mp3 info
  3. Darwin Found the Best Answer mp3 info video
  4. Dreams Flow Through Berlin's Alleys mp3 info video
  5. Dance for the Blind Aviator mp3 info
  6. Die Formulierung toll bedeutet awesome mp3 info video
  7. Dinosaurs Failed to Beat Asteroid mp3 info video
  8. Dave's Favourite Toilet / Baby Archaeopteryx mp3 info
  9. Der Fortschritt treibt Brüssel an mp3 info
  10. I Like Rocky and Balls mp3 info video
  11. Das Haus im Wald mp3 info video
  12. Die bösen alten Männer im Fernsehen mp3 info
  13. 135 Zeichen (Twitter in Deutschland) mp3 info video
  14. When the Hammer Falls mp3 info
  15. Weine nicht, wenn der VfB verliert mp3 info
  16. Immer sonntags um halb vier mp3 info
  17. Macher mp3 info
  18. Kiwi mp3 info
  19. Warten auf die Ebbe mp3 info video
  20. Müllabfuhr der Seele mp3 info
  21. Patience mp3 info video
  22. Stephan, du hast Mundgeruch mp3 info
  23. And the Dry Air Is Turning to Frost mp3 info
  24. Der Morgen danach mp3 info video
  25. Underground mp3 info
  26. War mp3 info video
  27. If Greece Stops Now mp3 info
  28. Nachträglich mp3 info video
  29. Going Nowhere mp3 info video
  30. Bud-Spencer-Tunnel mp3 info video
  31. Dragons Fly to Burning Asgard mp3 info video
  32. Cheap Chicken Delusion mp3 info
  33. I Haven't Left the 90s Yet mp3 info video
  34. Wedding March mp3 info video
  35. Rox Song mp3 info
  36. Intentionsverhaltenslücke mp3 info
  37. Essen mp3 info video
  38. The Moon's Song mp3 info
  39. Night Watch mp3 info
  40. Vent mp3 info
  41. Bad Weather mp3 info
  42. Cupcakes and Cappuccino mp3 info video
  43. Reichenau mp3 info
  44. Toledo mp3 info
  45. Konrad mp3 info video
  46. Horst mp3 info
  47. Schnapslied mp3 info
  48. Orchestral Fragment mp3 info
  49. There's No Free Lunch mp3 info
  50. Geboren in Deutschland mp3 info video
  51. Spoo for Christmas mp3 info video
  52. I Won't Be Your Mary Magdalen mp3 info video
  1. The Song of the Nightingale mp3 info video
  2. Black Skirt Girl mp3 info video
  3. 79 Jahre mp3 info video
  4. A Walk in the Wilderness mp3 info video
  5. Finally Home mp3 info video
  6. Glück mp3 info video
  7. Alone in Space mp3 info
  8. Milk mp3 info
  9. 32 Jahre mp3 info video
  10. Fugue mp3 info video
  11. The Bittersweet Progressive Rock Opera (Part 1) mp3 info
  12. Never the Right Time mp3 info
  13. Nackt vor der Tür mp3 info video
  14. Arlington Afternoon mp3 info video
  15. Cleaning mp3 info
  16. Frösche mp3 info video
  17. Gnomes Running Through the Forest mp3 info video
  18. Etwas Gezupfe mp3 info
  19. 1988 mp3 info
  20. Metalodic mp3 info
  21. Everybody Farts mp3 info video
  22. Mayday in Tokyo mp3 info
  23. Zerbrechlich mp3 info video
  24. Zigaretten mp3 info video
  25. Paleo-Detox-Astrologie mp3 info
  26. Disco on Mars mp3 info
  27. Bernie Sanders Appreciation Song mp3 info
  28. Mars mp3 info
  29. No Sleep 'til Sprockhövel mp3 info
  30. Five Weeks Away From Home mp3 info
  31. The Bittersweet Progressive Rock Opera (Part 2) mp3 info
  32. Don't Listen to the Music mp3 info
  33. The Sun's Jig mp3 info
  34. Es regnet mp3 info
  35. Auf der Rollenspielmesse mp3 info
  36. Tauben mp3 info
  37. Fremde Leute mp3 info video
  38. 2007 mp3 info
  39. Rheinebene mp3 info
  40. Hausverbot bei IKEA mp3 info
  41. Alles Käse mp3 info
  42. Salami mp3 info
  43. Night Shift mp3 info
  44. Counting Sheep mp3 info
  45. On Request mp3 info
  46. Onions for Breakfast mp3 info
  47. Winter Mood mp3 info
  48. The One Who Buttons mp3 info
  49. Hold Me mp3 info
  50. Remi mp3 info
  51. Almut und Thomas mp3 info video
  52. Boogie Woogie Weihnachten mp3 info
Produced, written and played by Johannes Schult.

I put out a 52-second song every week throughout 2010, 2011, and 2015. The result is a fancy collection of many styles and melodies.

All songs are licensed Creative Commons by-nc, meaning you are free to copy it, perform it, and make derivative works, as long as you are not making a profit from your work, and that you properly attribute the original artist (in this case Jutze, Johannes Schult, or www.jutze.com). So feel free to share them with your friends and family, play them in your podcast, and use them for your own personal creative endeavours!