Schult, J. (2012). Prädiktoren des Berufserfolgs von Hochschulabsolventen: Befunde aus dem Sozio-Ökonomischen Panel. Wirtschaftspsychologie, 14(4), 82-91. (Volltext auch in meiner Dissertation (Seite 54-76) verfügbar)

Materials on Schult (2012)

Johannes says: "A nice Stata project with a lot of data management..."


Version: V1
Data analysis finished: 2012-05-18
Article published: 2013-04-04
Replication files published: 2013-06-05
Software used: Stata 12.1

Below you find the do-files to replicate the results. The analysis was preceded by a bulk of data mangement. I used the outreg2.ado to export regression tables in .doc format.

There is one do-file ( to create the data set (plus additional labeling via, and there is one do-file ( to run the subsequent analysis.

The raw data - SOEP, Daten für die Jahre 1984-2010, Version 27, 2011, doi:10.5684/soep.v27 - are available from the DIW Berlin. Most of the data management stuff was merging SOEP files and then identifying college graduates. There are a few more data management commands in the analysis part; this is somehwat sloppy, but centering variables is closely related to the analysis of interaction effects, which is why I kept that step there. The analysis is not that fancy. I did some calculations based on results I copied and pasted. Again, sloppy; I know.

NB: Variable names in the SOEPlong file have been changed in subsequent versions. A list of old and new variable names is included on the data DVDs.



V1: 2013-06-05


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